Here’s to all women and their courage, especially the mother who taught me to live. She gave me the best lesson, one I can’t help but to give….
“A woman can bend in her lifetime as all women do, but with faith in her heart, she will never break as powerful minded women never do.”
Here’s to the yappers, the wackos, the wild ones and the free…the weirdos and the pip squeaks, the nitwits and in-betweens.
The outrageous and the rebels, the troublemakers and the troubles, the misfits, the real twits, the pariahs unique as can be…
Here’s to the different, the silly, the special one of a kinds. The meek geeks, the funky freaks, the whimsical happy and crappy ones…the beatniks and sidekicks, the bold ones and strong ones, the stubborn outlandish, but kind ones, the fighters and shy ones, the lovers and dreamers, the ones who speak their mind…
Here’s to the givers and takers, the winners and leaders, and the Venus stars we’re born to be.
Here’s to the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently. The fearless, the selfless, the truth seeking dauntless…the go-getters who lift up, don’t give up, hold back or accept the status quo.
The gutsy, the sassy, the headliners and the bossy…the movers and shakers, the peacemakers and change makers, the risk takers and caretakers who jump, leap and have faith; the carefree and doers who chance it and fall – giving nothing, just their all.
You can praise them or scold them, quote them or doubt them…even glorify or belittle them, but you can never ever ignore them.
They seek, they find, they follow and lead ahead.
They break, they shatter, redefine and remake the rules men have set.
You can love them, hate them, support them or leave them. But life is simply nothing when man is without them.
They hope, they invent, they imagine and can’t pretend.
They heal, they explore and even create the miracles we adore.
They inspire, they push, they encourage the center from the core.
They are God sent and hell bent in making a difference man works for.
They make waves all can feel, reignite the passion to no end.
They cause fires and outbursts and build fans who help pave the way.
They propel, they push the human race to exist.
They live it, breathe it, and fight for change.
They are daughters, mothers, sisters and friends.
They are warriors, they are champions, they are you and me.
They are all women, Powerful Minded Skirts, who Dare to BE.


We are rebels with a cause
An agent of creativity
The heart of possibilities
A tower of strength
A force of energy
A ball of fire
The diamond in the rough
There’s no challenge we won’t face
And no rule we won’t challenge
We don’t break, we bend
We don’t survive, we thrive, revive and live
If it can’t be done
We try and do it anyway
We are daughters, mothers, sisters and friends.
We warriors, champions and Powerful Minded Skirts who Dare to BE.